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Financial Tools and Calculators
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Featured Financial Tools and Calculators websites

Auto Loan Calculator
Free calculator helps you estimate the cost of buying a new or used car after interest payments.
Tools for businesses and students to calculate simple interest and compound interest.

Canadian Payroll Calculator for those who hire nannies, caretakers, or other casual staff. This tools allows you to manage deductions and payroll.

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Timtab Simple Child Support Calculator
Quick calculator for child support payments and the parenting time percentage.

Simple Loan Calculator
Quickly calculate interest only and regular amortizing loan payments using this JavaScript calculator.

Figure your personal finance using our free online guides and interactive tools.

Good MBA Salary Calculator
Quick calculator to show the lifetime financial benefit of studying full-time for an MBA degree.

Monthly Savings Calculator
Offers a fast and easy to use calculation tool to help people figure out their future savings.
Offers consumers free online financial tools and calculators.
Use these free calculation tools to calculate savings, investments, retirements and various types of consumer loans.

Car Loan Calculator
Automotive shoppers can use these free online tools to estimate their monthly car payments.

Mortgage Interest Calculator
Free online tools to estimate monthly mortgage payments.

Car Payment
Suite of online calculation tools for shoppers looking to buy a new or used car.

Payroll Calculator
Free payroll tax calculator. Paycheck tax withholding calculator.

Federal Tax Calculator
Free individual federal tax return calculator. Includes forms for Income, Tax Deductions, Tax Adjustments and Tax Credits.

Retirement Calculator provides a free calculator to show you how much you can expect to have saved in your 401k at retirement.

Money Vista - Financial Planning
Create a budget online to help with financial planning and take control over your finances.

UTR Number Self Employed
A community forum where you can ask other registered members questions and receive answers.

UTR Number
Articles, videos on how to apply for a UTR number.

Mortgage Calculators
Provides a free collection of online mortgage calculation tools.